Hygiene Systems products are packed with innovative features designed to make the service providers life easier. The snap-fit bag holder systems allows simple liner removal without damage to the bag or the waste bin.

The image opposite shows the Kimberly Clark chute design. This product could be customised by offering different chutes to different customers

Ongoing development of the Wastecare product included branding the product for specific customers and developing unique design features for specific customers. For Kimberly Clark in South Africa, Hygeien Systems proposed a unique chute design and Kimberly Clark branded screen printing, technical documentation and packaging

Promotion of the Wastecare launch included generating 3DSMAX visuls and animations of the Wastecare product with other Hygiene Systems products in a variety of washroom environments.

One of the many innovative features of the Wastecare wall-mounted waste bin is the easy bag change system. The compactor is withdrawn until it hits the stop and the front cover can lean forward. The compactor doubles as a ‘foot’ to support the front cover while the waste bag is replaced.

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