Touchless paper dispenser design, prototyping and detailing

Toilet brushes with proprietary consumables designed for the New Zealand service providing industry has continued to be one of the most challenging projects for the NZ based design team. Bring together complex tooling, functional simplicity and a host of safety requirements and you have a surprisingly complex project.

The image opposite shows the Kimberly Clark chute design. This product could be customised by offering different chutes to different customers

Hygiene Systems have a very aggressive product development schedule seeing every dollar spent on third party products in the service business as money that could be saved through in-house development. Still on the drawing board the Hygiene Systems Autosoap product is packed with user, service provider and manufacturer ‘friendly’ concepts  

One of the many innovations under consideration for the second generation Femcare product is the biodegradable ‘flexiseal’ chute system that will reduce the need for detergents and deodorisers and further strengthen the case for the ‘in cubicle’ cleaning, especially in busy, high density city centre locations where transportation and other operational costs are at a …

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Activa antibacterial, deodorising spray concept for Femcare: OSH and HSE regulations combined with the engineering and logisitcs complexities of bottle and valve manufacture made this project very challenging. Bringing this product to market on time and to budget was a major challenge!

In 2006 we completed the design of a new paper dispenser. This project evolved into the Toweltronic paper dispenser launched in 2008

Finetech design was established in 1999 in the Hatfield in the UK. The company took its name from the precision engineering company who kindly¬†provided the office space in return for engineering services. Finetech started life as the sole provider of reverse engineering and design engineering services to Gatehill International in China. Gatehill developed clone laser …

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The image opposite shows an exploded view from one of the 6 laser printer cartridge reverse engineering and design projects Finetech worked on. We used our Browne and Sharp manual CMM to digitise the critical dimensions from the original and then set to work on redesigning the new product around all the IP and physical …

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Finetech did not only design and engineer laser printer cartridges, like the Ricoh cartridge shown here, we also worked on transport design projects for James Park Associates and projects for HM Prisons and special purpose sheet metal assembly customers

2 shot waterproof deli counter labelling system

Ongoing development of the Wastecare product included branding the product for specific customers and developing unique design features for specific customers. For Kimberly Clark in South Africa, Hygeien Systems proposed a unique chute design and Kimberly Clark branded screen printing, technical documentation and packaging

Promotion of the Wastecare launch included generating 3DSMAX visuls and animations of the Wastecare product with other Hygiene Systems products in a variety of washroom environments.

One of the many innovative features of the Wastecare wall-mounted waste bin is the easy bag change system. The compactor is withdrawn until it hits the stop and the front cover can lean forward. The compactor doubles as a ‘foot’ to support the front cover while the waste bag is replaced.

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