Vida Manual


In 2007 Hygiene Systems joined forces with Vida in Hong Kong to develop a paper towel dispenser concept designed around existing automatic and mechanical activation systems.

Hygiene Systems design team developed an elegant solution that aligned with the HS brand and offered the mechanical and automated solution from the same set of injection mould tools with different inserts. The image opposite shows the mechanical version of the hybrid product.

Toilet Brush

A major element of all Hygiene Systems projects is innovation. The image opposite shows early valve design concepts for the disinfectant delivery system of an advanced….. toilet brush.

Soap Dispenser

Hygiene Systems have a very aggressive product development schedule seeing every dollar spent on third party products in the service business as money that could be saved through in-house development. Still on the drawing board the Hygiene Systems Autosoap product is packed with user, service provider and manufacturer ‘friendly’ concepts


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