New Zealand horse racing, on-course advertising project Completed in 2004 this project was an indepth study into media spending in New Zealand and the opportunitties for on course advertising. The project culminated in a ‘launch event’ and the final negotiations of an exclusive advertising agreement at all New Zealand race tracks.

GYMTV interactive TV health & lifestyle concept Feasibility study and full business plan

Working on the GYMtv project provided exposure to venture capital and merchant banking organisations as well as major media and advertising organisations. A full business plan was created for the project with a view to raising funding and building a team to take this exciting project forward.

Finetech design was established in 1999 in the Hatfield in the UK. The company took its name from the precision engineering company who kindly┬áprovided the office space in return for engineering services. Finetech started life as the sole provider of reverse engineering and design engineering services to Gatehill International in China. Gatehill developed clone laser …

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The image opposite shows an exploded view from one of the 6 laser printer cartridge reverse engineering and design projects Finetech worked on. We used our Browne and Sharp manual CMM to digitise the critical dimensions from the original and then set to work on redesigning the new product around all the IP and physical …

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Finetech did not only design and engineer laser printer cartridges, like the Ricoh cartridge shown here, we also worked on transport design projects for James Park Associates and projects for HM Prisons and special purpose sheet metal assembly customers

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