Biker and Cyclist I passed my bike test at 20 and have enjoyed years of riding including riding at the Isle of Man and on the track at Pasir Gudang in JB Malaysia,,, I’ve also dabbled in Moto Cross in Auckland and ridden my mountain bike regularly in Showka UAE in the foothills of the …

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Mini Loader ‘Review’ A conceptual review of the functionality, weight, manufacturability and general feasibility of this product and market

Super Secret – Wind Power Again, cant say much about this one… all modelled  and simulated in Creo… another very exciting ongoing project

Super Top Secret – Bicycle Project I can hardly mention this at all, its super complex and yet super simple… and super rad!

Full product development programme including competitor testing

Exciting stuff coming.. more words later

Glassware designs for a boutique design and manufacturing company in Cumbria resulted in interesting design and visualisation opportunities. Rendering liquids can be tricky! Actually this was a great opportunity to continue working with HDRI files, lighting, reflection, perspective matching, shadows and background images.

The first project I worked on with Jeff Marsden from Hygiene Systems in Auckland New Zealand was a simple new carrying handle cum wall mounting bracket for the femcare sanitary waste bin. This simple, injection moulded handle was sold as a retrofit kit with a sheet metal wall bracket and locking key, The single piece …

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When designing a product the cost of logistics is critcal, especially for low margin items. Nesting without the risk of damage is a great way of saving space and money and a key consideration for all sea freight products.

Never as easy as it looks, instructions need to be simple, clear and fool-proof… pff, never!

Touchless paper dispenser design, prototyping and detailing

There’s nothing simple about a toilet brush.. except the function. To the washroom service provider ‘consumables are king.’  The idea here is to create a toilet brush for the commercial market that utlilises a propritary consumable.

Sharing the same consumable as the Hygiene Systems toilet brush the domestic toilet sanitiser product marked the beginning of Hygiene Systems plan to develop mass produced washroom products with proprietary consumable for the home

In 2009 Whitehead CC completed a series of concept designs and prototyps for a new range of digital portable radios. This project included reverse engineering and repackaging existing technology using new surfaces knitted together with existing internal geometry

Algorithm development, patent applications, product design, electronic circuitry development

Hygiene Systems products are packed with innovative features designed to make the service providers life easier. The snap-fit bag holder systems allows simple liner removal without damage to the bag or the waste bin.

In 2007 Hygiene Systems joined forces with Vida in Hong Kong to develop a paper towel dispenser concept designed around existing automatic and mechanical activation systems. Hygiene Systems design team developed an elegant solution that aligned with the HS brand and offered the mechanical and automated solution from the same set of injection mould tools …

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In 2007 Hygiene Systems joined forces with Vida in Hong Kong to develop a paper towel dispenser concept designed around existing automatic and mechanical activation systems. Hygiene Systems design team developed an elegant  solution that aligned with the HS brand and offered the mechanical and automated solution from the same set of injection mould tools with …

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Toilet brushes with proprietary consumables designed for the New Zealand service providing industry has continued to be one of the most challenging projects for the NZ based design team. Bring together complex tooling, functional simplicity and a host of safety requirements and you have a surprisingly complex project.

A major element of all Hygiene Systems projects is innovation. The image opposite shows early valve design concepts for the disinfectant delivery system of an advanced….. toilet brush.

Used Mechanica for the mechanical analysis of CFRP and polyprop product and marine structures as well as dynamic kinematic simulation for verification of complex mechanical assemblies in marine, aviation and product design projects

Idea generation and concept design is one of the areas in which we excel producing 100’s of thumbnail sketches per hour, to explore functional and aesthetic ideas in both design and engineering.

Hygiene Systems innovation is not limited to mechanical and aesthetic innovation. Research into the service providing business revealed a huge operational and commercial opportunity in dispensing control systems.

Innovation leads to improved products and new revenue streams for the business. Sanitary waste disposal is at the heart of the commercial washroom servicing business and any improvements to these products and services can be leveraged to gain the edge over the competiotion. Disinfecting and deodorising sanitary waste bins increases the service interval and reduces …

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In 2008 WhiteheadCC completed the rebrand for Hygiene Systems

In 2008 we identified a market for managing 3rd party tooling, product manufacturing and logistics through Hygiene Systems network of suppliers. This business not only increases revenue of the parent company, Hygiene Systems, but also effectively increases Hygiene Systems spend with vendors allowing greater leverage during price negotiations.

The image opposite shows the Kimberly Clark chute design. This product could be customised by offering different chutes to different customers

Hygiene Systems have a very aggressive product development schedule seeing every dollar spent on third party products in the service business as money that could be saved through in-house development. Still on the drawing board the Hygiene Systems Autosoap product is packed with user, service provider and manufacturer ‘friendly’ concepts  

One of the many innovations under consideration for the second generation Femcare product is the biodegradable ‘flexiseal’ chute system that will reduce the need for detergents and deodorisers and further strengthen the case for the ‘in cubicle’ cleaning, especially in busy, high density city centre locations where transportation and other operational costs are at a …

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Activa antibacterial, deodorising spray concept for Femcare: OSH and HSE regulations combined with the engineering and logisitcs complexities of bottle and valve manufacture made this project very challenging. Bringing this product to market on time and to budget was a major challenge!

Modular auto/manual liquid soap dispenser concepts for Hygiene Systems

Packaging Design for all HygieneSystems products including graphics, raw material selection, folding and locking, die knife design

In 2006 we completed the design of a new paper dispenser. This project evolved into the Toweltronic paper dispenser launched in 2008

Managing product lifecycle across a family range requires careful planning and effects all areas of the business including brand, marketing and logistics. This is especially difficult in the third party distributor arrangement where distributors must phase products in and out with their own customers. The new gen. product range shown here was a combination of …

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Wastecare chutes & compactors have been produced in a set of colours, with NZ recycling signage to give New Zealand companies the option to use the Wastecare product for office waste recycling applications.

Finetech design was established in 1999 in the Hatfield in the UK. The company took its name from the precision engineering company who kindly provided the office space in return for engineering services. Finetech started life as the sole provider of reverse engineering and design engineering services to Gatehill International in China. Gatehill developed clone laser …

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The image opposite shows an exploded view from one of the 6 laser printer cartridge reverse engineering and design projects Finetech worked on. We used our Browne and Sharp manual CMM to digitise the critical dimensions from the original and then set to work on redesigning the new product around all the IP and physical …

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After completing the management of Singapore Airlines’ Skysuite project in 1998 WhiteheadCC worked on concept design for coffee and tea making products in Hong Kong.

Finetech did not only design and engineer laser printer cartridges, like the Ricoh cartridge shown here, we also worked on transport design projects for James Park Associates and projects for HM Prisons and special purpose sheet metal assembly customers

2 shot waterproof deli counter labelling system

(But why these terrible images????) While working as the project manager for James Park Associates Antony Whitehead designed the forward monument for the A380 upper deck of Singapore Airlines Business Class cabin… it was a race against the clock to get a design concept approved….      

Packaging die cutting and artwork design.  

Technical documents and detailed instructions, reducing complaints and ensuring correct usage

Ongoing development of the Wastecare product included branding the product for specific customers and developing unique design features for specific customers. For Kimberly Clark in South Africa, Hygeien Systems proposed a unique chute design and Kimberly Clark branded screen printing, technical documentation and packaging

Promotion of the Wastecare launch included generating 3DSMAX visuls and animations of the Wastecare product with other Hygiene Systems products in a variety of washroom environments.

One of the many innovative features of the Wastecare wall-mounted waste bin is the easy bag change system. The compactor is withdrawn until it hits the stop and the front cover can lean forward. The compactor doubles as a ‘foot’ to support the front cover while the waste bag is replaced.

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