I recently completed a 3 month contract at Trend Marine In Norfolk. Using PTC Creo 4 and Windchill I helped remodel and enhance sun roof and patio door assemblies. Lovely part of the country, great team, really interesting mechanisms and a quiality end product.

Used Mechanica for the mechanical analysis of CFRP and polyprop product and marine structures as well as dynamic kinematic simulation for verification of complex mechanical assemblies in marine, aviation and product design projects

Conceptual and engineering design of a high speed CFRP amphibious vehicle designed for military and search and rescue applications    

In 2002/2003 Antony Whitehead was employed as the Design Manager for Sensation Yachts in Auckland New Zealand. A challenging role managing the structures, systems, electrical and interior design functions

As the Design Manager for Sensation Yachts damage limitation was the name of the game. Quickly reorganising teams and ensuring Lloyds and DNV compliance were the primary achievements. The scope of the role at Sensation later shifted to include modelling of structures for future yacht projects (SY27)

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