Orchid Components We’re slowly warming up Orchid Components… for prototype part and assembly production

Mini Loader ‘Review’ A conceptual review of the functionality, weight, manufacturability and general feasibility of this product and market

Super Secret – Wind Power Again, cant say much about this one… all modelled¬† and simulated in Creo… another very exciting ongoing project

Full product development programme including competitor testing

Algorithm development, patent applications, product design, electronic circuitry development

GKN Sankey rep on-site at Caterpillar, ceiling panel modelling, plus door frame and lock modelling

Used Mechanica for the mechanical analysis of CFRP and polyprop product and marine structures as well as dynamic kinematic simulation for verification of complex mechanical assemblies in marine, aviation and product design projects

Back when our second Finetech office was shiny and new in Hatfield circa 1999 we completed sheet metal assemblies and associated moulded components for HM Prisons cell ventilation assemblies. This was done using PTC’s Pro/Engineer version… hmm 17?  

Finetech design was established in 1999 in the Hatfield in the UK. The company took its name from the precision engineering company who kindly¬†provided the office space in return for engineering services. Finetech started life as the sole provider of reverse engineering and design engineering services to Gatehill International in China. Gatehill developed clone laser …

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The image opposite shows an exploded view from one of the 6 laser printer cartridge reverse engineering and design projects Finetech worked on. We used our Browne and Sharp manual CMM to digitise the critical dimensions from the original and then set to work on redesigning the new product around all the IP and physical …

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Finetech did not only design and engineer laser printer cartridges, like the Ricoh cartridge shown here, we also worked on transport design projects for James Park Associates and projects for HM Prisons and special purpose sheet metal assembly customers

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