Orchid Components We’re slowly warming up Orchid Components… for prototype part and assembly production

Despite the challenging economic situation in the UAE we continue to win interesting print and digital marketing projects.

When designing a product the cost of logistics is critcal, especially for low margin items. Nesting without the risk of damage is a great way of saving space and money and a key consideration for all sea freight products.

Never as easy as it looks, instructions need to be simple, clear and fool-proof… pff, never!

Antony Whitehead is a product development specialist with over 30 years experience delivering complex multidisciplinary projects in the industrial, consumer and aerospace product sectors. His international project portfolio incorporates the complete product, and project lifecycle including all elements of commercial, operational and financial program delivery. Antony has experience in the commercial aviation, consumer product, industrial …

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Touchless paper dispenser design, prototyping and detailing

Algorithm development, patent applications, product design, electronic circuitry development

In 2008 WhiteheadCC completed the rebrand for Hygiene Systems

In 2008 we identified a market for managing 3rd party tooling, product manufacturing and logistics through Hygiene Systems network of suppliers. This business not only increases revenue of the parent company, Hygiene Systems, but also effectively increases Hygiene Systems spend with vendors allowing greater leverage during price negotiations.

Finetech Design Consultants – Servicing clients in China from 1999-2002  

New Zealand horse racing, on-course advertising project Completed in 2004 this project was an indepth study into media spending in New Zealand and the opportunitties for on course advertising. The project culminated in a ‘launch event’ and the final negotiations of an exclusive advertising agreement at all New Zealand race tracks.

GYMTV interactive TV health & lifestyle concept Feasibility study and full business plan

Working on the GYMtv project provided exposure to venture capital and merchant banking organisations as well as major media and advertising organisations. A full business plan was created for the project with a view to raising funding and building a team to take this exciting project forward.

Packaging die cutting and artwork design.  

Technical documents and detailed instructions, reducing complaints and ensuring correct usage

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